The Jennie Beanie


The Jennie Beanie

Hi, friends! I have a quick “On My Hook” post today to let you know what I’ve been up to in between designing patterns (new one coming at you next week!) and most recently it’s been this toque! This is the Jennie Beanie by A Purpose and A Stitch.

I don’t make a lot of hats but I have been in desperate need of a new one and temps out there are getting real cold REAL QUICK (It’s safe to say that we are all now collectively fully immersed in cold-weather/holiday/bundle-yourself-up-for-the-next-six-months crochet projects, right?)

The Yarn

Also spurring me on to make a toque was the fact that I had a couple of skeins of Briggs & Little 100% wool burning a hole in my stash ever since I did the Hogwarts Week giveaway (yes, I obviously picked up additional skeins for me). Being 100% wool, I knew this yarn was going to be *warm* so I wanted to put it to great use!

The Pattern

As you may know, there are approximately 1,458,972,365 beautiful beanie patterns out in the crochet-verse and choosing just one is probably up there on the list of top five nightmare-inducing decisions for a maker.

However, I committed to the task and scrolled through the #crochetbeanie tag on Instagram for several days until I finally narrowed it down to this beauty.

The Process

I love the texture and the knit-look of the Jennie Beanie. The construction is really lovely; I absolutely love the design feature that allows the vertical stitching to go all the way down to the brim as the ribbing, uninterrupted. Also, the seed stitch is one of my absolute favourite textured stitch patterns, so bonus.

Overall, I just love the clean lines of the vertical stitching paired with the visual interest of the texture and love that the brim is worked with the hat all in one piece; it made for an enjoyable and quick make!

As mentioned, I used 100% worsted weight wool from Briggs & Little and adhered to the pattern *almost* exactly. I’ll be honest, I did not work a gauge swatch, but rather just worked the pattern as written with the suggested hook size until it was the size I needed. I ended up not working the last pattern repeat, since the hat was the right size for me without it.

Before joining, I blocked the hat, i.e. while it was still one big flat panel (so convenient!) on some foam mats. I took a risk and used my handheld steamer (affiliate link here and throughout!) (careful when blocking 100% wool, you don’t want it to felt! I used the steamer very briefly and made sure not to hover over any one spot too long), and left it overnight. Since it is wool, it blocked like a dream. I still look at the blocking photo below and swoon.

Crocheted Hat

The Finishing Touches

Finally, I added a faux fur pom (which was another hard decision! I had at least 3 colours I was trying to choose between). Next time, I will probably add a bigger pom because in the pom world #biggerisalwaysbetter. (P.S. the ones I linked here are way bigger than the one I used. This is a PSA. Don’t have #pomregret like me.)

A final note on actually wearing the hat: I love both slouchy toques and more form-fitting ones; it all depends on the fit and style of the hat. For this one, I looove the form-fitted look with the turned up ribbing. With all that texture, it’s classic with a twist! But, this hat looks gorgeous worn slouchy as well and you can certainly wear it both ways.

I’m looking forward to wearing this cozy baby all winter long!

The Pics

Photo time! But first, Pin this baby for later.

Pin Button

Here are some progress photos. Isn’t that plum colour gorgeous! I still have some left, along with a skein of cream in the same yarn, so I might make a coordinating scarf!

What’s your favourite beanie pattern? Share in the comments! (But, like, srsly, I need to start a Pinterest board of fave patterns so I don’t have to scroll the hashtag every time).

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2 thoughts on “The Jennie Beanie

  1. I love how this crochet hat looks like it has been knitted. I think that I will try it with a mohair and 3ply held together! I suppose that I should finish another project before starting this one though! 🙂

    1. Haha, the ultimate struggle! The mohair and 3ply together is an awesome idea and sounds like it will be absolutely luxurious! Would love to see a pic over on the SAYC fb page if you do it!

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