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Tunisian Feathers

Hi, friends! Today I want to pop into your feeds with a quick post to show you what’s been on my hook this week. Have you seen the newest pattern from Poppy & Bliss? It’s a free (yay!) pattern for these absolutely gorgeous crocheted feathers. You can find the pattern on Ravelry or on the Poppy & Bliss website HERE.

The pattern is absolutely genius and is made using Tunisian crochet, mainly using the simple stitch. To be honest, I am not particularly skilled at the Tunisian crochet technique, having used it in only a couple of projects before now (as you can probably see from some of my wonky feathers…no where near as perfect and gorgeous as the ones done by Michelle at Poppy & Bliss!). But once I refreshed my memory and my hands a little on the first feather, the rest were a pleasure to make and I had 6 or 7 of them whipped up in just a few hours.

These are so addictive! The best (and hardest) part about these feathers? Deciding what colours to use. Seriously, the colour combinations are truly endless.

After I had crocheted a couple of feathers, a thought suddenly occurred to me. I could totally amigurumize these! I know, I know, “Feathers are supposed to be flat”, you’re thinking to yourself. But you’re dealing with an amigurumi addict here and if you give me any non-amigurumi crochet pattern, I will inevitably try to find a way to stuff it.

So, if you, too, are interested in your very own plump feather, here’s how I amigurumized mine. If you are familiar with any of my Ragdoll patterns, this will come very naturally to you, as it’s done in the exact same way!

  • You will need two panels (feathers). For the first panel, I followed the pattern for the Tunisian Feather right up to the last row (whether it’s the large or the small feather), however, I did not ch 6 and slst back down the chains for the stem at the end. Instead, I tied off after the last st of the row.
  • For the second panel, again, I worked the pattern right up to the last row, however, I did not ch 6 and slst back down the chains. Instead, I placed both panels together, matching up all sides, then, using a 3.5mm hook, I chained 1 and began crocheting the two panels together by single crocheting around the outside of the piece.
  • Switch colours when you come to any colours changes on your feather. When changing colours, insert your hook into the stitch immediately before the stitch with the colour change, and pull up a loop with Colour A. Yarn over with Colour B and pull through both loops. Continue with Colour B.
  • At the tip of the feather (the centre of row 1), (Sc, ch 1, sc) in the same stitch.
  • When you’ve crocheted about half way down the other side, stuff lightly. Continue to single crochet around the outside. Continue to stuff a little after every couple of stitches, if necessary.
  • Finally, when you get to the bottom of the feather, you will now do the (Ch 6, slst 5 back along chs) for the stem. Then, slst to beginning st to close.

The best part about amigurumizing feathers? No weaving in ends! Just hide them inside. Yay!

These are the yarns and colours I used:

That’s it! These Tunisian Feathers would make such a sweet addition to an amigurumi project, a dreamcatcher, as decorations, accessories, you name it! I would also love to see some plump little feathers with cute little kawaii faces added to them. They would for sure be the cutest feathers ever! Big thanks to Poppy & Bliss for the wonderful pattern! Hop over to their blog to try it out.


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