Festival Amigurumi 2023


Festival Amigurumi 2023

Festival Amigurumi is here again! This year’s theme is tales, fables and nursery rhymes. Welcome to the Amigurumi Kingdom!

Festival Amigurumi is a celebration of our favourite type of crochet: small crocheted creatures and animals, also known as amigurumi (and, if you’re familiar with the Spin a Yarn Crochet blog, you know amigurumi is 100% my jam).

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Sewing Box Mag to participate in this event again this year, along with dozens of incredible amigurumi artists around the world.

Each of the 29 designers have designed an amigurumi pattern exclusively for the Festival Amigurumi collection, which is what makes this collection just so exciting, in my opinion! Everything is brand spanking new!


The Details

First up, you need to know that the Festival only runs until July 23rd. After that, these patterns will no longer be available (they may become available later through the individual designers themselves but not for many months and they will be at regular designer prices).

The collection has 29 patterns and costs about $32 USD, working out to be about $1/pattern if you purchase the collection. So, it really is worth the buy even if you see only four or five patterns that you actually want to crochet; five patterns at regular price (around $7 or $8) would cost more than the entire collection!

The link will bring you to the Sewing Box Mag website, which is a Spanish magazine. However, the site and the patterns are available in BOTH English and Spanish.

This year’s collection also comes with a fairy tale story, which features all of the characters included in the collection! It will take you through all the areas of the Amigurumi Kingdom, including Bobble Farm, Chain Palace, Decrease Meadow, Increase Sea, Magic Forest, Picot Range and Popcorn Village.

Humpty Dumpty

Finally, I want to give you some details on the pattern that I contributed to the Festival: Humpty Dumpty!

I had so much fun creating this character. I wanted to make him interactive, so I also DIYed the little brick wall that he is sitting on (check out the video on my IG to see how!) as well as made him reversible so that you can turn him around to see his happy/sad face (I keep him on my desk and am having the most fun turning him to match whatever my mood is that day). Of course, making him reversible is totally optional and you can make whatever face you want for him!

I wanted to make him as playful and child-like as possible so I used Hobbii’s Honey Bunny yarn to make him big and squishy.

Buy The Collection Now

Ready to dive in? Buy the Festival Amigurumi collection now until the 23rd HERE on the Sewing Box Mag website.

Etsy Button

I cannot wait to see all of the Festival Amigurumi makes popping up in my feed! Don’t forget to use the #festivalamigurumi hashtag for your finished pieces and progress pics!

Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Oh my goodness, you ladies have done a absolutely wonderful things here!!! Each amigurumi individually is AMAZING!! Collectively, ya’all went above & beyond!!! Then one of you added a story book to go with the “stuffies” aka amigurumi. 🤯Thank you all so very much!! Just remember, we all don’t crochet at the same speed. .😊🧶

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