Avocado Keychain Free Crochet Pattern


Avocado Keychain Free Crochet Pattern

This little avocado keychain is such a quick and fun project! You can easily whip this little guy up in an hour or two. Not only does it make a cute keychain, but it would make a perfect little zipper or bag charm, or a gift for an avocado-loving friend.

My little kawaii crochet fruit collection is growing! So far I have a pineapple, a watermelon, an apple (which I also adapted to make a pumpkin), and now an avocado! All of these are available as inexpensive PDFs in my shop if you’re interested in formatted, ad-free versions, but now I’ve also grouped them together in a collection so you can get all the PDFs at once while getting a little discount too! You can find the collection HERE. What fruit (or vegetable?) should I do next?

As usual, this pattern is made in the same style as our Ragdoll patterns; separate pieces worked in flat rows and then joined together to give them that unique 2-D look. However, for this one, there is one exception: the pit is actually worked in the round. The body is worked in flat panels as usual.

Our avocado has just 3 separate pieces and the finished measurement is approximately 9 cm/3.5″ long.

Let’s get started. Here’s what I used:

**If you’d prefer a downloadable or printable version of this pattern, an inexpensive, formatted, and ad-free PDF can be purchased HERE.**

*Ch 1 and turn at the end of each row*

Front Body (make 1 panel) starting in Grass:

Row 1: Ch 8, sc across (7 sts)

Row 2: Inc, sc 5, inc (9 sts)

Row 3: Inc, sc 7, inc (11 sts)

Rows 4-6: Sc across (11 sts)

Row 7: Dec, sc 7, dec (9 sts)

Rows 8-9: Sc across (9 sts)

Row 10: Dec, sc 5, dec (7 sts)

Rows 11-12: Sc across (7 sts)

Row 13: Dec, sc 3, dec (5 sts)

Row 14: Dec, hdc, dec (3 sts)

Do not tie off yet. Join Lush coloured yarn and chain 1, then single crochet around the entire panel in Lush. You should have 37 sts around.

Back Body (make 1 panel) in Evergreen:

Repeat rows 1-14 above for the back body panel in Evergreen. Do not tie off. Ch 1 and single crochet around the entire panel in Evergreen (37 sts).

Pit (make 1) in Chocolate Tweed:

Rnd 1: MR 7 sc (7 sts)

Rnd 2: Inc around (14 sts)

Rnds 3-4: Sc 4, hdc, dc, hdc, sc 4, hdc, dc, hdc (14 sts).

Slst to next st and tie off.


Step 1: Pit, Eyes, Mouth, and Cheeks

First, we need to attach our pit and all of our facial features to the front panel.

With a length of Chocolate Tweed yarn about 30cm/12″ long, stitch the pit onto the centre of the front panel. Stuff lightly after you’ve stitched it about three-quarters of the way around, like so:

Avocado sewing

Next, insert 8mm safety eyes and then stitch on cheeks below each eye using pink yarn.

Stitch on the mouth using black crochet thread.

Step 2: Body

Okay, here are all the pieces you should now have at this step.

Place the two body panels together, matching up all sides.

**Make sure the front of your Avocado is facing you as you crochet around the outside of the piece.**

Starting on the left side, begin attaching the panels together by chaining one and single crocheting around the outside of the panels in Evergreen.

Crochet all the way down and around the Avocado and up the opposite side. Stop here and pull up a long loop.

Stuff your Avocado.

Now, picking up where you left off, continue single crocheting around the outside. Top up stuffing as you go, if necessary.

Close with a slst to first st. Tie off. With your tapestry needle, poke the yarn tail back inside the piece.

Attach a key ring at the top and you’re done!



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