The Mare Knot Pillow by Debrosse


The Mare Knot Pillow by Debrosse

I’m popping in with another “On My Hook” post today and I’m pumped to finally be chatting about the brilliance that is this knot pillow, called “The Mare”. This pattern is by Teresa over at Debrosse, Queen of Texture and Neutral Colour Palettes (the kind that literal dreams are made of). (P.S. She recently announced her new book, a.k.a. the last crochet theory book you’ll ever need. Peep it on her blog!)

As soon as I saw this knot pillow in my IG feed, I KNEW it was going on my makes list. It is so trendy and modern (and I will take literally any excuse to use velvet yarn, okay? I’m not hopping off the velvet wagon any time soon.) Throwing one or two of these babies onto a love seat or statement chair immediately elevates your decor in one fairly effortless swoop.

For this make, I used one 300g skein of Bernat Velvet (a bulky weight) in Velveteal. I just love the richness of this colourway!

The pillow, as it turns out, is genius in its simplicity. It is essentially one giant panel, which is then seamed into a tube (and stuffed) and knotted together (that’s where the magic happens!) That being said, I really appreciate the planning that clearly went into this pattern to ensure that the yarn weight, guage, hook size, stitch, and length all came together in a very precise way to make the tube the *perfect* length and shape to knot into a flawless pillow at the end.

Speaking of knotting, I will admit that I was a little intimidated at being able to *actually* make this thing look like Teresa’s, and get an actual knot pillow rather than a giant snake monster at the end, but I need not have worried! The pattern includes a password protected video that guides you through the step-by-step process to take it from a pool-noodle (an admittedly luxurious one) to a trendy home decor item. I did have to play the video a few times and pause in multiple places to get the final result, but, in all, it only took me about three tries until I was totally satisfied.

All in all, I finished this pillow in one evening (!!). Imagine how many of these you could crank out in a few days! (I will add here that she also has a knitted version that can be made on an at-home knitting machine and takes even less time.). It’s a perfect modern item to add to your markets this year, due to it’s super fast construction. I guarantee you will have shoppers stopping at your booth to “ooh” and “ahh”. And can we talk about how much swooning would happen if you gave a pair of these as a house-warming gift?!

Photo time! But first, Pin this baby for later.

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Here are some progress photos:

What colour would you make a knot pillow in?

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  1. Good idea and beautiful your colour pillow 🙂 can you told me how meny centimetre have your snake 😉 brfore ready pillow 🙂 if you can please thank you so much Kasia :*

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