Retro Crochet Wall-Hanging


Retro Crochet Wall-Hanging

Hi, all!

I have been working on a crocheted wall-hanging for the last several weeks. It took a while because I ended up on the losing end of a game of yarn chicken close to the end. My local Michael’s did not have any more of the CaronxPantone in the colour-way I needed (of course), so I ordered some skeins online and had to wait a week or so to get them. But they finally arrived and I was able to finish it!

The Yarn

Okay, first, let’s talk yarn. I used the CaronxPantone yarn in the colour-way River Rock. This yarn is a new line from Caron and is so buttery soft, it’s an absolute dream to work with. It’s a bit on the pricey side ($9.99 for one 100g skein), but it’s such a lovely yarn and totally worth it if you’ve had a special project on your mind to make.

The particular colour-way I used has five separate balls of colour, so there is only 20g of each colour. For that reason, this yarn is ideal for smaller projects like hats, or for projects that you know will use equal amounts of colour. The five different colours worked great for my wall-hanging project, but because I used some colours more than others (like the dusty pink colour), I ended up using seven (!) skeins just so I would have enough of the pink. As a result, I have a handful of the 20g balls left over in the other colours (but I’m not complaining; I will definitely find something else to use this delicious yarn!)

That being said, there are colour-ways of the Pantone yarn that have two balls of one colour (such that the skein has 4 colours total instead of 5) so that you have more of one colour than the others. Those colour-ways would be ideal for this project.

The Pattern

Next, let’s talk pattern. I used a pattern by designer Emily (@make.e on IG if you want to tag her!) from Issue 105 of Inside Crochet Magazine (@insidecrochet on IG), which you can buy here (hardcopy or digital!) I loved the geometric shapes and the retro vibes of this wall hanging. The original colours (pale pink, forest green, white, mint) are gorgeously 80s retro, in my opinion. With my version, I took it back a little further with some earthy tones, which feel a bit more 70s to me.

Check out the original plus some of the progress pics:

The Finishing Touches

Once I had finished the wall-hanging panel, I added the fringe and then laid it flat. I didn’t block it, but I did lay heavy objects on it for several days to try to alleviate some of the curling corners (it mostly worked…some tack may be needed).

For the finishing touch, I decided to go stick hunting in the wooded area behind my house to find a rustic branch that could work as a dowel to hang it. I requested the help of my fiancé, to assist with the cutting, and we set out on a beautiful but incredibly cold day by the ocean to hunt the elusive stick.

After a nice little jaunt, we were successful and found a great branch to use to hang it! Just the right amount of character, while still being mostly straight across (P.S. make sure you remember to measure the top of your panel before you go looking for a branch or dowel so you get one that is long enough). I got it home, let it dry out for a few days, then cleaned it up by taking off all the extra twigs, branches and bark with a sturdy pocket knife (watch those fingers!).

Using the silvery-grey colour, I wound the yarn over the stick and through each stitch at the top of the panel until it was attached all the way across. Then I crocheted about 85 chains and attached on either end to hang it.

Once it was hung, I trimmed the fringe to be (more or less) even across. It’s best to do the trimming after it’s hung so that you can account for any wonkiness in the way it hangs (like when you use a random uneven branch to hang it with).

Voilà! Check out the finished product:

I’m so pleased with how this project turned out. This is the first wall-hanging I’ve ever attempted and I really enjoyed the process. Such a satisfying make, especially when I get to admire it every day!

I’ve noticed that crocheted and macrame wall-hangings are very popular right now, so it’s even more satisfying knowing I made this one myself.

Have you made a wall-hanging (crocheted or otherwise) before? Visit the Spin a Yarn Crochet Fb page to share some of your home decor makes!


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6 thoughts on “Retro Crochet Wall-Hanging

  1. I love this piece. At first glance I thought the triangles were pockets and that you could use it for plants, etc.. that would be a great adaptation.

    1. Yes, this pattern is in Issue 105 of Inside Crochet magazine. I believe you can still purchase an online version.

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