Miniature Tree Ornament Free Crochet Pattern


Miniature Tree Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

Hi, friends!

I’m back with another Christmas Ornament pattern. This is the third ornament pattern I’ve released so far. The first one was this little Snowman and the second were these Mittens.

Today, I’m sharing all the details for making this miniature tree! I made three different versions to show you just how easily these can be changed up to suit any holiday decor.

My inspiration came when I was browsing the yarn aisles at Michael’s (what else is new) and I came across a display full of sweet little holiday bits and bobs. There were tonnes of all kinds of different buttons, from reindeer to Santa and Mrs. Claus, and snowflakes and gingerbread men and on and on! I saw some little Christmas light buttons and, without having anything specific in mind, I picked them up, as well as a package of gold bells, and bright, colourful beads. When I got home, I realized they would look great on miniature Christmas trees!

How sweet would this ornament look in blue with little snowflake buttons as mini-decorations? Or maybe in grey with silver bells? Ooh, or purple with silver bells!? I seriously can’t wait to see all the beautiful versions you come up with!

As usual, this pattern is made in the same style as our Ragdoll patterns; separate pieces worked in flat rows and then joined together to give them that unique 2-D look. These trees have just two pieces each (what could be easier?), and they work up really quickly. Like, incredibly quickly. I made all three of these trees in a couple of hours one evening after work.

Okay, let’s get started! Or Pin it for later here or here!

Here’s what I used:

**If you’d prefer a downloadable or printable version of this pattern, an inexpensive, formatted, and ad-free PDF can be purchased HERE. You can also purchase all three of the ornament PDF patterns in a collection to get a discount! Find it HERE.**

  • 3.5mm hook;
  • For the light green tree:
    • Loops & threads Impeccable in Grass;
    • Colourful beads;
    • Black crochet thread for mouth;
    • White or green sewing thread and sewing needle;
    • 8mm Safety Eyes;
  • For the darker green tree:
    • Bernat Super Value in Lush;
    • Christmas Light buttons or light weight yarn in various colours if you prefer to stitch on your lights;
    • Light weight yarn in pink for the cheeks;
    • Black crochet thread for mouth and to connect the lights;
    • Black or green sewing thread and sewing needle if using buttons;
    • 10mm Safety Eyes;
  • For the cream tree:
    • Patons Canadiana in Oatmeal;
    • Gold bells;
    • White sewing thread and sewing needle.
  • Stuffing;
  • Tapestry needle;
  • Ornament hook (optional).

Below are the accessories I picked up. So, here’s the thing. I picked up those adorable little glittery light-bulb buttons with the intention of decorating my tree with them. That didn’t work out. You’ll notice you don’t see a finished tree using those buttons (not for my lack of trying!) First of all, the buttons were not the highest quality and a few of the light bulbs fell out of the plastic piece with the loop on top. Luckily, this was an easy fix with a bit of glue. But then, once I had them sewn on, they kind of stuck out at odd angles and I just couldn’t get them to look right. I think the tree ornament was just too small of a project for the buttons and so they looked a little goofy. So I’m going to hang on to them and hopefully use them for a bigger project down the road. 😀 They’re so festive! The beads and the bells, however, worked out brilliantly.

Tree (make 2 panels):

*Ch 1 and turn at the end of each row*

Row 1: Ch 17, sc across (16 sts)

Row 2: Dec, sc 12, dec (14 sts)

Row 3: Dec, sc 10, dec (12 sts)

Row 4: Dec, sc 8, dec (10 sts)

Row 5: Dec, sc 6, dec (8 sts)

Row 6: Dec, sc 4, dec (6 sts)

Now we will start the middle tier of the tree.

Row 7: Ch 4, sc 3 along chs, then continue along row: sc 6 (9 sts)

Row 8: Ch 3, sc 2 along chs, then sc 7 along row, dec in last st (10 sts)

Row 9: Dec, sc 6, dec (8 sts)

Row 10: Dec, sc 4, dec (6 sts)

Row 11: Dec, sc 2, dec (4 sts)

Now we will start the final (top) tier of the tree.

Row 12: Ch 3, sc 2 along chs, sc 4 along row (6 sts)

Row 13: Ch 2, sc 1 in ch, sc 4 along row, dec in last st (6 sts)

Row 14: Dec, sc 2, dec (4 sts)

Row 15: Dec twice (2 sts)

Row 16: Dec (1 st)

Tie off. Repeat rows 1-16 for the second panel and then move on to assembly below.


Step 1: Eyes, Mouth, and Cheeks

Here are your panels:

Plain panels of crochet tree

They might look a bit wonky right now but don’t worry! It’ll look great when it has that beautiful edging stitched around the outside.

First, if you would like to make your tree into an adorable little kawaii tree, add the facial features to the front panel now.

The first thing I did was insert 8mm safety eyes onto the bottom tier of the tree and then stitch on a mouth using black crochet thread. Next, stitch on cheeks below each eye using pink yarn. I decided to add cheeks to one of the trees but not the other.

Step 2: Decorations

Next, you will want to add your decorations to the front panel.

If you’re using buttons, bells, or beads, simply sew them onto the front panel wherever you like.

If you’re stitching on your lights instead of using buttons, take your light weight yarn and a tapestry needle and stitch the yarn around one stitch several times, at least 5, until your colourful yarn forms a bit of a bump. Tie off in the back.

I chose to sew them on in a sort of criss-cross pattern but you could also arrange the lights across in rows as well.

Once all your ‘lights’ are stitched on, using black crochet thread, surface slip-stitch across the front panel to make it look like the lights are all strung together. To do this, you will hold your crochet hook above the panel, while holding the crochet thread below/underneath the panel. Starting at the edge of the tree, you will insert your hook down through the panel, yarn over and pull it back up through the panel and make a slst.  Repeat! As you slst along, just make sure that one of your slsts goes into the same stitch where the top of your ‘lights’ are to make them look like they’re attached.

For the cream tree, I simply took a sewing needle and thread and sewed the bells onto the tips of the middle and bottom tier, one at the top of the tree, and one in the middle of the bottom tier.

Step 3: Tree

Okay, here are all the pieces you should now have at this step.

Place the two panels together, matching up all sides.

**Make sure the front of your Tree is facing you as you crochet around the outside.**

Starting on the left side, begin attaching the panels together by chaining one and single crocheting around the outside of the panels.

**(Sc, ch, sc) in the tip of each branch. At the bottom of the tree, I made 2sc in 2 of the corner stitches on each side.**

Crochet all the way down your tree, across the bottom, and start crocheting up the other side. Stop when you get to the top of the bottom tier (i.e. before the middle branch). You will want to stuff your bottom tier now, so you can stuff right down into the corners.

Continue crocheting around. Stop when you get to the top tier. Finish stuffing your tree.

Now, picking up where you left off, continue single crocheting around the outside. Top up stuffing as you go, if necessary.

Close with a slst to first st. Tie off. With your tapestry needle, poke the yarn tail back inside the piece.

Attach a loop of yarn or an ornament hook at the top and you’re done!



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  1. Where did u get the hangers for the little tree? Luv this little tree – soooo cute! was thinking of making some for residents in a nursing home – belong to a group called Random Acts of Crochet Goodness (RAOCK) on FB and thought these might be cute to hand out to them – put a little brightness of Christmas even though they can’t hv a real/fake tree in their rooms – besides no clean-up afterwards (ha! ha!). Many tks. U hv so many beautiful patterns – hard to choose – so little time!

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