Valentine’s Day Toadstool Free Crochet Pattern


Valentine’s Day Toadstool Free Crochet Pattern

Hi all! Just popping in today with a cute little Valentine’s Day make. Who doesn’t love an adorable Toadstool? And with hearts, no less!

The base pattern is actually my Mushroom Amigurumi crochet pattern that I released last year. Can you believe it’s the same pattern?! That’s the difference a simple yarn substitution can make! The first mushroom pattern was made with a jumbo (size 7) yarn and measures in at a whopping 27 inches! Simply by using a worsted weight yarn, the exact same pattern creates an adorable palm-sized mushy!

I really enjoy thinking up and designing various customizations for my patterns and this was such a fun one to do! Hearts for the spots?! I mean, c’mon.

The finished measurements of this Valentine’s Day Toadstool are approximately 19cm/7.5″ from top to bottom.

Let’s get started! (Or Pin/Shop for later!)

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Follow the instructions for the front and back panels of the Mushroom Amigurumi except you will be using pink (instead of red for the main colour) and red (instead of grey for the underside of the mushroom or the ‘gills’).

I did not create round spots. For this version, I made little hearts instead. I used this crochet heart pattern:

I made four hearts (just for the front) but you can make as many as you want!

Follow the assembly instructions for the mushroom amigurumi pattern (minus the arms!) and you’re done!

You can even turn it into a cute valentine with a card and a silly pun: “I’ve got so mushroom in my heart for you!”

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