One Skein Wonders Crochet Pattern Bundle


One Skein Wonders Crochet Pattern Bundle

Happy Monday, friends! Today I’m popping into your feeds with something a little different and very exciting! 

We all have a yarn stash. Don’t deny it. You have one; I have one. Piles upon piles of scrap yarn that tends to accumulate over time; just hoping that some day it will be crocheted into something amazing.

And I think we can agree that we all have the same problem when it comes to scrap yarn: we rarely have enough of one kind to make a big project. That’s why scrap buster projects are some of my favourite lately (and the rest of the crochet community’s too…I’ve been seeing tonnes of scrap yarn projects in my feeds lately, especially this time of year…I’m looking at you, temperature blankets!)

As you know, stash buster projects are projects where you can use up some of that excess yarn you have lying around. These projects are usually smaller and can be made with a couple skeins of yarn or less. But the question remains: what to make?

Well, I’m gonna help you use up some of that yarn you have lying around and introduce you to some amazing projects with the One Skein Wonder & Quick Crochets Crochet Pattern Bundle. Yay! 

The One Skein Wonder Bundle has 40+ designer crochet patterns (44 to be exact!) from top crochet bloggers and pattern designers AND it’s 90% off for just a few days.

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One Skein Wonders Crochet Bundle

I was delighted when I was contacted recently by the folks at Ideal Me who put together these amazing bundles. They asked if I would like to contribute a pattern the One Skein Wonders Crochet Bundle. And, you guys, I was immediately. on. board. I think the idea of having nearly 50 one-skein or “scrap yarn” patterns all in one place at your fingertips is absolutely *genius*, so I was so pumped to be a part of it (peep my Pocket Foxes in one of the bundle collages below; perfect stash-buster ami!) 

Bundle Collage

Okay, But What Is It?

If you’re not sure what a crochet bundle is all about, it’s essentially a curated list of crochet patterns from dozens of incredible crochet designers that are being offered all together at one base price.

I absolutely love the idea behind these crochet bundles for so many reasons; firstly (and it probably goes without saying), it is a crazy good deal. In this particular bundle, the folks at Ideal Me have hand-picked and put together a list of over 40 crochet patterns by Etsy and other crochet designers that, ordinarily, would cost over $200 if you were to buy them all separately.

The variety is my other favourite part about these bundles. Not only are you getting patterns that you would probably never ordinarily buy (if only we all had more time and $$$ for crocheting!), the bundle gives you the opportunity to be able to branch out and try patterns by designers that you might never have otherwise tried due to constraints on time and funds. I love that.

These little projects make amazing gifts that take no time at all to finish. Each pattern can be made with one to two skeins of yarn (and often way less!) Because they work up so quickly, you can make a bunch for the people you love in a short amount of time.

Bundle Collage

Tell Me What I Get!

When you snag this pattern bundle, not only do you get 40+ designer patterns from top crochet bloggers and designers, but you also get exclusive discounts!

To name a few…
40% off White Owl Crochet Co.’s Etsy
25% off Patterns from Lakeside Loop’s Etsy Shop
20% off Life & Yarn’s Ravelry Shop
20% off Hooked on Tilly’s Etsy Shop
20% off Patterns from Teal & Finch’s Etsy Shop
15% off The Hook Nook’s Life’s Online Store

So, whether you’re in it for the awesome discounts, the scrap-yarn inspiration, or the designer crochet patterns, you are covered.

The sale only lasts for 5 days though! Don’t miss out on snagging your copy of the One Skein Wonders Crochet Pattern Bundle.

Grab Yours Here!

Bundle Collage

If you’re a crochet lover of any level, I have a feeling you’ll love this awesome Bundle as much as I do, and I can’t wait to see all of your finished projects. I’ll be trolling the #oneskeinwonders hashtag so please post your pictures or tag me in your beautiful makes! It will totally transform your crochet arsenal with tonnes of cute, trendy, and original patterns that you can use over and over when that stash pile starts to get out of hand again!

I am absolutely swooning over the Seashell Crochet Pattern by @yalisandyabos and I think that one will be at the very top of my list! What ones are you pumped about making?



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