Newborn Deer Bonnet


Newborn Deer Bonnet

Hi, all! Here is the second newborn hat I made for a friend who just added a new little one to their family! You can find the first one here, which was a little elf hat.

This hat is basically a mash-up of bits and bobs of a couple different patterns with some of my own adaptions thrown in!

Here’s what I used:

Terms and Stitches (US Crochet terms):

Ch – Chain

Sc – Single Crochet

Hdc – Half-double crochet

Dc – Double Crochet

Inc – Sc increase

Dec – Sc decrease.

Let’s get started! (Or Pin it for later!)

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Bonnet in Soft Taupe and 5.00mm hook:

I used THIS adorable pixie bonnet pattern from the KT and the Squid blog for the base of the hat. However, I did make one small change to the pattern. In the last row, after you sc in each st across, the pattern calls for you to slst along the bottom of the bonnet, tie off and then add braided ties. For my hat, I wanted to crochet the ties onto the bonnet, rather than braid them, so after I sc’d in each st across in the last row, I did the following:

Last Row: Sc in each st across. Do not turn, do not fasten off. Ch 50, slst along chs. You will now make a left turn and slst down the left side of your work (which will be the bottom of the bonnet). When you reach the end, ch 50, slst along chs. Join to the first st of row. Fasten off, weave in ends.

Ears (make 2) in Soft Taupe and 5.00mm hook:

The ears are worked in continuous rounds.

Rnd 1: Ch 9, sc 3, hdc 2, dc 2, [dc 8] into last ch, continue working on opposite side of chs, dc 2, hdc 2, sc 3 (22 sts)

Rnds 2-3: Sc around (22 sts)

Tie off. Repeat rounds 1-3 for second ear. Set aside for assembly later.

Antlers (make 4 panels in twos as explained below) in Oatmeal and 3.5mm hook:

The antlers are from my Holiday Deer pattern! Here’s the pattern again for ease:

Row 1: Ch 4, sc across (3 sts)

Rows 2-8: Sc across (3 sts)

Row 9: Dec, inc (3 sts)

Row 10: Sc across (3 sts)

Row 11: Dec, inc (3 sts)

Row 12: Sc across (3 sts)

Row 13: Dec, inc (3 sts)

Row 14: Sc across (3 sts)

Row 15: Dec, inc (3 sts)

Tie off.

You’ll notice that your antler piece forms a gentle curve. Now you will reattach your yarn on the inside curve of the antler to make the second branch. On the inside curve of the antler, you should have 7 distinct “bumps” (this is from the ch 1 at the end of the rows on that side). You will work your second branch across the middle (or 4th) bump, and in the spaces on either side of this bump, as shown below:

Antler Branch in Oatmeal:

Row 1: Sc 3 (3 sts)

Row 2: Dec, inc (3 sts)

Row 3: Inc, dec (3 sts)

Row 4: Dec, inc (3 sts)

Row 5: Inc, dec (3 sts)

Tie off.

Repeat rows 1-15 and 1-5 above for second antler panel. Do not tie off second panel. Put both panels together, matching up all sides. Chain 1 and sc around the entire piece. (Sc, ch, sc) into the corners of Row 1 of the main antler (i.e. the bottom of the antler). Stuff lightly when you’ve crocheted about two-thirds of the way around. Slst to beginning st to close. Tie off.

You will repeat all of the above for the second antler EXCEPT when you crochet around both panels for the second one, you will need to crochet around in the OPPOSITE direction than the first one. This ensures the beautiful edging around the antlers is facing out on both when you attach them to the body later. Set these aside for assembly.

Move on to the Assembly section below!


Assembly is super simple! You will stitch the ears onto the bonnet and then stitch on the antlers behind each ear, all using Soft Taupe yarn.

To secure the antlers and ensure they stand up, stitch each antler, not only to the bonnet, but also to the back of the ear.

Feel free to add some flowers or leaves (crocheted or otherwise!) to make your newborn bonnet even more darling!

That’s it! Enjoy!


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    1. Absolutely, the bonnet pattern includes instructions up to 12 months, but you could easily use those instructions to size it up a little bigger if needed. The ears and antlers will work with any size!

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