Kawaii Curling Stone Free Crochet Pattern


Kawaii Curling Stone Free Crochet Pattern

Myself and my fiancé have become really big curling fans over the past year or so! We’ve been trying to catch as many of the big tournaments as we can this season, and for every game I watch, I’m enjoying it more and more. It may not seem like it upon first glance, but curling is quite an exciting and stressful game (yes, really!), and requires an unbelievable amount of skill and precision.

The curling season is coming to a close now but there are still some games left to watch. The 2018 World Men’s Curling Championship starts today in Las Vegas! And what makes this championship even more exciting for me is that Team Canada is represented by my local Newfoundland and Labrador curling team. So I am definitely looking forward to cheering them on all week! (Go Team Gushue!)

As you know, when I get excited about something, I must crochet it. So, naturally, I crocheted some curling stones. And I added kawaii faces because, obviously.

This is a really quick and fun project. They are super tiny and make perfect keychains or bag charms. I’m going to add one to my keychain and give the other one to my fiancé for him to put on his keys. He also suggested that I attach them together with a length of yarn (or chain sts more likely) so he can hang them over the rearview mirror in his car, fuzzy dice style, which is probably the most hilarious and very best use for crocheted curling stones that I’ve ever heard of. Curling fans for life!

Okay, now that I’ve fulfilled all the Canadian stereotypes, let’s get started! (Or Pin for later!)

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This pattern is made in the round. There are two separate pieces; the base and the handle, which will be sewn together.

The finished measurements are approximately 4x4cm/1.5×1.5″ (itty bitty!)

Here’s what I used:

**If you’d prefer a downloadable or printable version of this pattern, an inexpensive, formatted, and ad-free PDF can be purchased HERE.**

Stitches and Special Terms:

MR – Magic Ring

Ch – Chain

Slst – Slipstitch

Sk – Skip a stitch

Sc – Single crochet

Inc – Increase. Work 2 sc in the same st.

Dec – Decrease. Work an invisible sc decrease.

Hdc -Half double crochet

Dc – Double Crochet

Stone in Grey Heather and 3.25mm hook:

The stone is worked in continuous rounds (i.e. no joining or chaining).

Rnd 1: MR 5 sc

Rnd 2: Inc in each st around (10 sts)

Rnd 3: [Sc, inc], repeat [ ] five times (15 sts)

Rnd 4: [Sc 2, inc], repeat [ ] five times (20 sts)

Rnd 5: [Sc 9, inc], repeat [ ] twice (22 sts)

Rnd 6: [Sc 10, inc], repeat [ ] twice (24 sts)

Rnds 7-8: Sc around (24 sts)

Rnd 9: [Sc 10, dec], repeat [ ] twice (22 sts)

Rnd 10: [Sc 9, dec], repeat [ ] twice (20 sts)

Cut a small, round piece of cardboard and insert it into the bottom of your stone. Insert your safety eyes and stitch on the mouth. I also added cheeks to one of my stones using light weight pink yarn.

Rnd 11: Dec around (10 sts)

Stuff your stone now. Do not overstuff, or else the top and bottom won’t lay flat.

Rnd 12: Dec around (5 sts)

Tie off, leaving a tail for closing. With your tapestry needle, weave the yarn tail up and down through the front loops of the remaining 5 sts and then down through the centre and out the side of the stone. Pull the yarn tail to close. Poke the tail back inside the piece using the back of your tapestry needle. Squish your stone back into shape if you need to!

Handle in red or yellow using a 3.25mm hook:

The handle is worked in joined rounds (not continuous).

Rnd 1: MR 6 hdc (6 sts)

Rnd 2: 2 dc in each st around, 2 dc into the join space of previous round (14 sts)

Row 3: Ch 11, slst 5, sk 2 ch, slst 3. (Skipping 3 sts on the chains will create the “L” shape for the handle.)

Join the handle to the centre of your circle by inserting your hook between two stitches, then pull up a loop and slst. Cut your yarn tail. Then, with your tapestry needle, weave the yarn tail up through the circle and through your loop to secure the stitch. Pull it tight. Weave the yarn tail back down through a stitch and weave in ends on the back of the handle.


With a length of red or yellow yarn, simply sew your handle to the top of your stone. Secure the yarn tails and poke them back inside the piece.

Add a keyring and you’re done!

That’s it! Enjoy!

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