Go Your Own Way Throw Pillow Free Crochet Pattern


Go Your Own Way Throw Pillow Free Crochet Pattern

Hello again!

I have been working on this giant, fuzzy pillow lately and really love how it turned out. It might honestly be the squishiest, most comfortable pillow I’ve ever owned. It would be so sweet on a bed or bench with some smaller accent pillows (the sky’s the limit with colour options, of course!)

The pillow is made using two panels, which are worked up using the tapestry crochet technique, and then joined together. 

I opted to invert the colours on the back panel for a bit of variety, making the pillow reversible.

For the border, I wanted to keep it simple and neutral, since the bold pattern and fuzzy texture are the stars of this piece. So I simply finished it off with two rows of single crochet stitches. It gives the appearance of a lovely and simple cord-like edging that really gives the pillow a polished look.

If you are not feeling the pillow vibe, you could also use just one panel to make a lovely wall-hanging and you could add some fringe to the bottom, or try adding a wide border to turn it into a squishy rug! Also, you don’t need to use fuzzy yarn! The clean, modern lines of this pattern would look lovely in any yarn.

I have included a PDF download of the colour chart below. Following the chart is the easiest way to make this pattern. However, if you are not comfortable with charts or you simply prefer written patterns, I have included row-by-row instructions in the PDF version of the pattern in my Etsy shop HERE. Also, if you want a downloadable or printable version of the entire pattern (i.e. with the “Reading this Pattern” and assembly instructions included; not just the chart), you can get all of that in the PDF in my Etsy shop as well.

Let’s get started! (Or Pin/Shop for later!)

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This pattern is made in two separate panels worked in flat rows and then joined together.

The finished measurements of the pillow are approximately 50cmx50cm/20″x20″.

Here’s what I used:

**As noted, if you’d prefer a downloadable or printable version of this pattern (or row-by-row written instructions), an inexpensive, formatted, and ad-free PDF can be purchased HERE or through the ‘Shop It’ button above!**

Stitches and Special Terms:

Ch – Chain

Slst – Slip stitch

Sc – Single crochet

Reading this Pattern:

The link below will bring you to a PDF download of the colour chart for the pillow.

As you will see on the chart, the row numbers are listed on each side. These will help you keep track of which row you’re on and also which side you’re working on. For the front panel, odd-numbered rows will always be worked with the right side of the panel facing you, and even-numbered rows will always be worked with the wrong side facing you (i.e. the side with all the yarn ends). For the back panel, this will be the opposite; you will keep your yarn ends on the opposite side as the front panel, so when working on odd-numbered rows, the wrong side will be facing you and when working on even-numbered rows, the right side will be facing you. This is to ensure that all the rows line up perfectly with all the yarn tails on the inside when we put the panels together to join them.

I did not carry any yarn for this project. Instead, every time I needed a new colour, I joined a new ball of yarn. Then you will drop it when you change colours again later in the row and pick it back up again on the way back in the next row when you need it. You will have several skeins or balls of yarn attached to your project at one time. 

When switching to a new colour, insert your hook into the stitch for the last stitch of Colour A and pull up a loop, then, with Colour B, yarn over and complete the stitch by pulling through both loops with Colour B. Drop your working yarn in Colour A (making sure it’s dropped on the wrong side of the panel) and continue with Colour B. You will pick your Colour A working yarn back up again when you need it.

Front Panel (make 1 panel) with 4.5mm hook:


Start in Baby Rose.

Row 1: Ch 62, sc in each stitch across (61 sts).

Then, move on to Row 2 of the chart and continue working up the chart from bottom to top.

Here are some of my progress pics!

Back Panel (make 1 panel) with 4.5mm hook:

The back panel is completed exactly the same as the front panel except the right and wrong sides will be opposite, as described above in the “Reading this Pattern” section. (Also, feel free to invert the colours, like I did, or make the back panel in one solid colour instead.)

Tie off. Move on to assembly below!


Step 1: Joining the Panels

Place the two panels together, matching up all sides (i.e. make sure the starting yarn tails are both in the same corner). 

Two completed panels

Starting on the left side at the top, begin attaching the panels together by chaining one and single crocheting around the outside of the panels in Cream.

Sc 4 into each corner (you may want to mark the first and last of these 4 sts on each corner with a st marker; it will be helpful later on when you are crocheting the final border row).

Continue crocheting all the way around until you have three sides completed and just the top is open. Pull up a loop and leave this for now.

Step 2: Stuffing

Stuff your pillow!

Make sure you push the stuffing all the way into each corner.

You will want your stuffing to be fairly firm but not over-stuffed. Too much or too little stuffing will cause it to become lumpy.

Continue to crochet across the top of your pillow. Top up stuffing after every few stitches.

Close with a slst but do not tie off.

Step 3: Add the Border 

Complete one more row of sc sts around the pillow by chaining 1 and sc in each stitch around.

When you get to the Sc 4 in each corner, you will sc in each of the first 2 sts, chain 2, then sc in each of the next 2 sts. 

Carry on crocheting around. Slst to beginning st and tie off. Poke the yarn tail back inside the pillow.

That’s it! Enjoy!


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  1. Hi Jillian! How close in color is the Bernat “Tickle Me Pink” to the Needle Crafters “Baby Rose”? I ran out of the the Baby Rose and can’t find any more. Thanks for your time!

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