Baby Yoda Ornament Free Crochet Pattern


Baby Yoda Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

Thanks to the Mandalorian (which I haven’t watched yet, but it’s queued up next on my list!), I’ve been seeing so many sweet yoda and “baby yoda” (aka The Child) things around! Never one to miss a bandwagon (lol jk, I am so *not* trendy), I whipped up a quick Baby Yoda ornament too.

This one is going to a good friend who loves Star Wars as a gift but I may make another for my own tree!

The pattern is actually based on the base pattern that I used to make my Penguin Ornament. The base is essentially just a circle (but worked in rows, not rounds…I know, a little confusing, but stay with me). Because of it’s basic shape, it’s ripe for all sorts of fun adaptions! And I have more coming soon.

For Baby Yoda, I simply added some ears and a robe. And, as you can see from the photos below, you can choose to leave off the robe if you prefer and just have the little Yoda face.

I have more adaptions planned; it’s just a matter of whether I’ll get a chance to release them before Christmas (I can’t believe we’re so close already!).

The Details

As usual, this pattern is made in the same style as my Ragdoll patterns; separate pieces worked in flat rows and then joined together to give them that unique 2-D look. This Baby Yoda ornament has 7 separate pieces.

The finished measurements are approximately 18cm/7″ across from the tip of one ear to the tip of the other.

This pattern does *not* have any colour work! It works up very quickly as result.

Let’s get started! (Or Pin/Shop for later!)

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Terms and Stitches:

Ch – Chain

Slst – Slip stitch

Sc – Single Crochet

Inc – Increase. Work a regular sc increase

Dec – Decrease. Work a regular sc decrease

Sc3tog – Single Crochet three stitches together

Hdc – Half double crochet


Body Panels (make 2):

You will make 2 panels using a 3.25mm hook. The panels are worked from the bottom up. Ch 1 and turn at the end of each row.

Row 1: Ch 8, starting in second ch from hook, sc 7 (7 sts)

Row 2: Inc twice, sc 3, inc twice (11 sts)

Row 3: Inc twice, sc 7, inc twice (15 sts)

Row 4: Inc, sc 13, inc (17 sts)

Row 5: Inc, sc 15, inc (19 sts)

Row 6: Sc across (19 sts)

Row 7: Inc, sc 17, inc (21 sts)

Rows 8-14: Sc across (21 sts)

Row 15: Dec, sc 17, dec (19 sts)

Row 16: Sc across (19 sts)

Row 17: Dec, sc 15, dec (17 sts)

Row 18: Dec, sc 13, dec (15 sts)

Row 19: Dec twice, sc 7, dec twice (11 sts)

Row 20: Dec twice, sc 3, dec twice (7 sts)

Row 21: Dec, sc 3, dec (5 sts)

Tie off. Set aside for assembly later.

Ears (make 2):

In green yarn using a 3.25mm hook. Ch 1 and turn at the end of each row.

Row 1: Ch 6, starting in second ch from hook, sc 5 (5 sts)

Row 2: Inc twice, sc 1, inc twice (9 sts)

Row 3: Inc, sc 7, inc (11 sts)

Rows 4-5: Sc across (11 sts)

Row 6: Dec, sc 7, dec (9 sts)

Row 7: Sc across (9 sts)

Row 8: Dec, sc 5, dec (7 sts)

Row 9: Sc across (7 sts)

Row 10: Dec, sc 3, dec (5 sts)

Row 11: Sc across (5 sts)

Row 12: Dec, sc 1, dec (3 sts)

Rows 13-14: Sc across (3 sts)

Row 15: Sc3tog (1 st)

Row 16: Sc 1 (1 st)

Tie off, leaving a long tail for stitching it on. Set aside for assembly later.

Inner Ears (make 2):

Using 3.25mm hook and pink yarn.

Row 1: Ch 4, starting in second ch from hook, sc 3 (3 sts)

Row 2: Inc, sc 1, inc (5 sts)

Rows 3-4: Sc across (5 sts)

Row 5: Dec, sc 1, dec (3 sts)

Row 6: Sc 3 (3 sts)

Row 7: Sc3og (1 st)

Tie off, leaving a long tail for stitching it on.

Stitch the inner ear onto the ear by picking up stitches along the inside of the ear (i.e. don’t weave all the way through the ear or else you will see the pink yarn on the back; pick up stitches on the front/inside of the ear only).

Fold the top half of the ear down toward the centre and stitch along the edge to secure it in place. Tie off and weave in ends.


With 3.25mm hook and brown yarn. Ch 1 and turn at the end of each row.

Row 1: Ch 7, starting in third ch from hook, hdc 5 (5 sts)

Rows 2-31: Hdc across (5 sts)

Tie off, leaving a long tail for stitching it on.

Move on to assembly below!


Step 1: Face

First, we need to attach and stitch on our facial features to the front panel.

Insert 12mm safety eyes into the front panel at row 10 and approximately 5 stitches in from each side.

Next, stitch on a nose below the eyes by weaving your green yarn around a stitch several times. Tie a knot in the back to secure.

Finally, stitch on eyebrows above each eye around rows 13-14 using green yarn.

Step 2: Body

Okay, here are the pieces you should now have at this step.


Start by cutting two lengths of the green yarn about 30cm/12″ each. Put them aside for now.

Place the two body panels together, matching up all stitches.

Make sure the front of Baby Yoda is facing you as you crochet around the outside of the piece.

Starting on the left side at the top, begin attaching the panels together by single crocheting around the outside of the panels.

Be sure to crochet loosely around so that the edge keeps its nice curve!

Only crochet three or four stitches and then stop. Using your tapestry needle and a length of yarn that you set aside earlier, sew the first ear in place. Place the ear in the middle of the head and sew through all three pieces; the back panel, the ear and the front panel.

Once the ear is secured, tie a knot in the yarn tails and hide them inside the piece.

Continue single crocheting around. When you get to the ear, crochet in the stitches of the front panel only; this portion is already sewn shut, so it’s just for aesthetics!

Continue crocheting both panels together normally once you’re past the ear.

Sew the second ear in place on the opposite side the same way you did for the first.

Continue crocheting up the other side and stop when you reach the top. Stuff Baby Yoda!

Continue single crocheting across the top. Top up stuffing as you go as necessary. Use the back of your crochet hook to even out the stuffing and keep the shape nice and round.

When you are satisfied with the stuffing, close with a slst to first st. Tie off. With your tapestry needle, poke the yarn tail back inside the piece. Finish with some needle sculpting for the eyes and add the loop for hanging.

Next, wrap the robe around the bottom of the ornament, overlapping one end over the other. Using the long tail and your tapestry needle, stitch the robe onto the ornament along the top edge of the robe as follows:

Insert your needle through a stitch along the top of the robe, push it all the way through the ornament and out the back of the ornament through a stitch along the top of the robe at the back. Re-insert your needle into the next stitch along the top of the robe, then all the way through the ornament and out the front, through a stitch along the top of the robe. Continue all the way across.

That’s it! A Merry Christmas, may you have!

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44 thoughts on “Baby Yoda Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

  1. Awesome. I haven’t seen the movie either, but apparently everyone loves this little yoda. I will have to make some of these when I get the chance. I like that this is small enough to not take much time. I don’t want one; but everyone I know wants one. 🙂 And free? I don’t know how you find the time to be so creative, and generous! Thanks.

  2. Love this, love this, love this. Now I want a Xmas tree decorated only with Start Wars characters!!! I know what I will be making tonight!!!

    1. Ahh, that would be so fun! Me and my financé have talked about doing a fandom-themed tree for years!

  3. I am so in love with this!!!!Thank you for this beautifully done Baby Yoda!!! Getting ready to make it now but wanted to thank you for your Generosity and time.

  4. The power of crochet is strong with this one! You are a yarn genius!

    Amigurumi is tough on my hands, but this one was worth it.

    I’ve made one for a raffle at my middle school that kids will have the opportunity to put tickets in, that they’ve earned for not driving us crazy between Thanksgiving and winter break! I have a feeling that it will be popular!

    Then I have to start making them for my boys’ families. I shared your link on facebook, hoping that others will visit and enjoy.

  5. I’m feeling dumb as I’m stuck on row 2. I’m not ending up with 11. I have 9. Guess I’m reading it differently. Help!!

    1. Hi Stacey,

      You need to increase in the first two sts, then sc 3, then increase in the last two sts for a total st count of 11 (2 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 2 = 11). Hope that helps!

    2. Your NOT dumb old crocheter here AND I had exact same issue!!!! Saved me from waiting for answer! Thanks for asking!

  6. Is there anywhere I can download and print these patterns out? I’d love to make some, but the print on my phone is a little to small for me to see well. I dont have a PC. Thank you

  7. Do you have any video tutorials for these ornaments?
    They are so cute! Going to try little yoda first!

      1. Hello! How do you single crochet the body together? I can’t figure that part out. I left long ends when I tied off, but I’m confused if i use those. Thank you!

        1. You don’t need to leave long ends on the pieces. You can just rejoin your yarn. So you will put both panels together, insert your hook through both panels, pull your yarn through, ch 1, and then keep going! You can weave the tail in later.

  8. Well, I made 4 of these – my sons’ families took three and one went into a raffle for my middle school, where kids submitted tickets the teachers had given for positive reasons the entire month of December. It drew such positive response – the kids were entranced! Thank you for providing me with the vehicle to delight so many people.

    I ran out of green yarns and now my classes are starting to bring in yarn so I can make more for in class prizes.

    I am delighted by their response to your sweet little yoda! Thank you again for taking the time to share this with your community!

  9. Thank you so much for this pattern. I’m not the best at crochet but it came out great! The instructions were very clear and detailed, and the photos helped a lot. Bookmarking this website! Thank you!

  10. Hello!

    Does row 8 worked across the first chain row? In other words, do you crochet the curved part, then start stitching across the center, and then crochet the opposite curved part? I don’t see anything in the directions that states to do that, but I don’t understand how else it would work.


    1. Hi Patricia,

      Sorry, I don’t understand your question. Row 6 is worked straight across (sc in each st across for 19 sts).

  11. Never mind. I followed your instructions, and now I get it. Sorry for being ornery.

  12. I’m having trouble stitching on the inner ear to the rest of the ear. What do you mean “front of the stitch”?

  13. Hi there,
    The pattern I’m looking at doesn’t have any instructions for the robe? Am I missing something?

    1. That’s odd, it’s appearing normally on my end. It’s the last section right above the photos and assembly.

      Here are the instructions:

      With 3.25mm hook and brown yarn. Ch 1 and turn at the end of each row.
      Row 1: Ch 7, starting in third ch from hook, hdc 5 (5 sts)
      Rows 2-31: Hdc across (5 sts)
      Tie off, leaving a long tail for stitching it on.

  14. I love the Mandalorian and I’d love to make a million of these, but I have no clue on how I end up with a fan shaped thing, instead of a round shape. Immediately from row three or four ( I have started over five times already 🙁 ) it starts looking wrong. It doesn’t round upwards, but instead it spreads out like a fan or as the two first attempts, it started going banana shaped.
    I do know how to crochet, so it’s very annoying that I can’t figure this out. I’ve been searching Youtube for help, but I can’t find anyone else making a round shape like you do. The other ones seem to do it in the “around and around” method. 🙂
    I vote for you making a video, because otherwise my life will be empty without baby Yoda ornaments.

    1. Hi Marianne,

      It’s supposed to look like that! It will fan out during the increase rows and will straighten out after the increases, I promise!

  15. Thank you for this pattern. I teach middle school below grade level readers, and they’ve had a devil of a time feeling motivated in our computer-based learning. I have been stitching up ami toys as raffles for them. I’ve made at least a dozen of this pattern and it never ceases to thrill them to win him.

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